The ‘Why’ of Cheating Men That Few Talk About

It’s an age-old question that women are sick and tired of being sick and tired of asking, ‘Why do men cheat?’ and with so many answers and opinions out there ranging from the experienced ‘cheated on’ to the professional/clinical responses, there’s no shortage of answers to the question.  However, I will attempt to tackle this question from two possibly unique and unexplored perspectives. 

1.  Immaturity:  Your man, husband, baby daddy or whatever title he wears in your life doesn’t possess the emotionally fortitude to be in a strictly monogamous relationship with you.  The bottom line is that he may not have ever been taught the ways of emotional management and intelligence, so you are at the whims of his impulsive and seemingly child-like behavior, but there’s certainly nothing child-like about infidelity.  Poor male role models whose personal philosophy on women and love sounds like something adopted from the characters portrayed by Rudy Ray Moore and Ron O’Neal, have done more physical and psychological damage to femininity than almost anything they have could’ve possibly inflicted on themselves. For what women ultimately need and desire from us as grown and mature men, we have severely failed as relationship leaders because we’ve failed at teaching.  We’ve been sold and accepted a flat, antiquated and watered-down sense of masculinity that is costing us and the women who either are or will be in our lives everything.   Fellas, there will be little in life more important than being able to sincerely create a connection between you and your lady that’s beyond words.

2. Death:  Men cheat because on a subconscious level they are afraid of the grave. 


Yes, I typed and you read correctly!  There it is.  … ‘YOLO’ BABY!

If my memory serves me at all, that was the saying in the not-so-distant past.  ‘Get money. Get cars. Get drunk, and get girls,” because tomorrow ain’t promised to nobody!  Right?

On a subconscious level, men are afraid of death and dying.  And we do all sorts of stuff to cover up that fear–like drinking, partying and cheating.  Let’s face it:  The older we get, the more aware we become of our own mortality.  We are afraid we’re going to miss out on something, and the next sexual exploit is like downing a six-pack or a fifth of hard liquor.  Men don’t want to deal with death and the thought(s) associated with dying, so a simple and effortless way to hide away from those thoughts and feelings are to simply put a piece of ass in front of it.  It’s a temporary quick fix to avoid that fear and feel alive again, and then it’s back to business of being your husband or boyfriend–that is until that fear seeps in again, and shows up with a big butt and smile.  So, when a man tells you that your pussy is like a drug, he may mean that on levels you (or him) may not even be aware.  Chances are he’s not going to be able to articulate his fears at this level, but I’m sharing them with you with the hope that you may know with what you’re potentially handling.  And with this knowledge you both might be able to better navigate the energy of your relationship into a more evolved state of being.

…And you ladies think you’re complicated.

To you a HealTHY Self!


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